Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Commission Pledges to Preserve Human Rights

Khartoum - The Head of National Commission for Human Rights Joseph Suleiman Khalil has assured that the commission will see to it that human rights contained in the Constitutions are well protected and preserved.
Addressing a ceremony held to mark World Women Day in El-Fashir, he underscored the importance of celebrating such events to encourage all to play an effective role in empowering the woman and enhancing noble human principles and values related to freedom and dignity.
He noted that the commission is looking forward to seeing women rights embodied in the constitutions are enforced in addition to other relevant laws and procedures.
Aisha Diafan read the letter of the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon to the presence in support of women efforts to restore peace and security. "Empowering the women is the only way to protect their rights, the letter reads. The letter called upon all to pledge to do their best to overcome discrimination to enhance gender equality and women empowerment.
The Head of Women and Child Rights Unit at the Commission, Aisha Sibeira indicated progress in human rights and efforts exerted to pushing women forward.
She stressed the necessity to empower women economically in different areas, calling authorities to expand security, which she said is prevailing in El-Fashir and the surrounding villages to ensure women movement.
Mohamed Hagar, the Head of Commission for Human Rights in Darfur, highlighted the importance of women's role in the society, calling for concerting efforts to empower women.
During the celebration, Rawda Mustafa Adam, a resident of Abu-Showk IDP camp, was honored for her resilience and patience and hard work,
Ms. Adam is noted for her hard work in making bricks and household works to up bring her children after she had lost her husband. Also handicapped women were honored at the ceremony.