Current Date:

Thursday, 19 October 2017

British Educational Schools Celebrates the Fourth College Fair 2017

Khartoum - British Educational Schools - IGCE Section will launch today Thursday the fourth College Fair (2017), scheduled to take place in Khartoum at the International Fair

of Khartoum pavilions.
The event is expected to attract around 7,000 visitors including parents, universities representatives, students and families.
The third fair of 2016 was participated by 24 universities and 20 schools. The number of students involved in the fair was 1400.
Since its first round the fair has achieved remarkable success and managed to reach the targeted objectives which can be expressed by utilizing educational institutes, students and families. The Fair represents a broad horizon through which students would be informed, educated and guided to the appropriate college to choose. Student’s selection would be based on these colleges’ potential academic privileges. This would contribute in the shaping personalities, abilities and career ambitions.
The frame of this year’s programme will be as follows:
1. Detailed display of all universities and colleges activities.
2. Admission requirements for those who are holding Sudanese and IGCSE certificates.
3. Provide the parents and students with information about universities and their departments.
4. Detailed description of the procedures and conditions for students approaching universities as stated by the General Admission Office of the Ministry of Education along with equivalences of other foreign certificates.
5. Details about the registration procedures through banking system.

The shots show part of last year’s fair activities.