Current Date:

Monday, 23 October 2017

Corinthia Hotel Supports and Participates in Alneel Marathon in Solidarity of Sudanese Children Suffering from Cancer

(Press Release ) As part of Corinthia Hotel Khartoum’s commitment towards the community, the management of the hotel has once again decided to participate in the "Alneel Children's Cancer Marathon".

The marathon that was organized by the Sudanese Association of Children Friends of Cancer Patients was held under the patronage of Mr. Alysae Siddige, Minister of Youth, as well as many public figures, diplomats and media.

Management and staff of the Corinthia Hotel lead by Mr. Nicholas Borg, the General Manager joined event that was both colourful and well animated by teams of motorcyclists, cyclists, rowers and indeed the general public.  The run was spectacularly led by three men on horseback carrying banners of the occasion that gave some respite to the heavy traffic that normally prevails in the busy streets of the city.

When addressing the crowd that participated in the event, Nicholas Borg said “ We are delighted to once again have been approached  to participate and contribute in the marathon alongside GIAD Motors and other sponsors. We feel that our small contribution towards such a noble cause continues to demonstrate Corinthia's commitment in assisting the local community.

Unfortunately the disease is very indiscriminate and it affects thousands of people, even young and innocent children. Luckily medicine has made big strides towards the cure of cancer. Nevertheless the trauma and hardship brought by the illness often has a devastating effect on the patients and their families. This cannot go unnoticed and events like the Alneel Marathon is vital to bring the much desired awareness.  

Certainly the organisers have one thing in mind; to increase cure rates and help secure a brighter future for the young patients. Yet generating awareness is vital to gain a common understanding towards such initiatives.”