Current Date:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Human Rights Expert Renews Call to Holdouts to Sign National Document

Khartoum - Human Rights Independent Expert Aristide Nononsi has renewed his call to holdouts of armed movements to sign the national document for realizing peace and

stability in the country.
He said he has touched during his meeting with the Secretary General of National dialogue outcomes on the outcomes of the national dialogue and the related measures after approving them for preparing the final report of the human rights council and presenting it to Geneva
He was also acquainted with the recent developments that occurred in Sudan stressing that in the upcoming phase they will prepare the final report to Human Rights Council.
For his part the Secretary General of the national dialogue has briefed Aristide Nononsi on the outcomes of the national dialogue and the measures to be taken in the upcoming phase, stressing that he will renew the call for the holdouts to sign the national document.