Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Government Aware of Environmental Challenges Facing Africa

Khartoum - First Vice President of the Republic First Lt. General Bakri Hassan Saleh has affirmed harnessing all potentials for establihing the project of the Green African Fence

which will boost security and improves living conditions.
He further affirmed that the government is well aware of the big challenges facing the African continent whereby it laid down stratigies that will contribute in reducing environmental impacts foravailing safe life to the citizens of the continent
He said the wars flaring up amidst our communities have directly affected these enviromental challnges.
Bakri has confirmed the state’s support to the project of the Green African Fence for its importance in eliminating climate and environmental changes saying a project of this size requires strong determination.
The First Vice President has yesterday welcomed while addressing the exceptional Ministrial Council of the African Agency of Green Fence at the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO) Sudan’s hosting of the exceptional meetng of the agency highlighting its significance for realizing safe environmronmental life for the African continenet.
He said Sudan with its vast areas and its diversified environment and its multiple neighbours faces these environmental challenges. He noted that Sudan has lost its biggest forestery resources following the secession of south Sudan
He affirmed Sudan’s commitment to encountering environmental challenges and go  ahead with the project of the green wall for  encountering the challenges and averting the successive climate risks as well as disseminating the sense of solidarty among the peoples of the African continent and their governments.