Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Al Bashir and Al-Sisi Sign Document of Strategic Partnership

Khartoum- Sudanese President Omer Al Bashir and the Egyptian President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi have signed a document of strategic comprehensive partnership between the

two countries. In addition, the final minutes of the first session of the Joint Higher Committee at the presidential level, which includes a summary of the discssions, conducted in the meetings of the senior officials on the seocnd and the third of October, along with the sectoral ministerial meetings held on the fourth of the current month of October.
The two Presidents have witnessed the signing of 15 agreements, memos of understanding and executive programmes in a number of different fields.
President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi has received on Wednesday at Cairo airport the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir in the outset of his official two-day visits to Egypt.
Protocols of the official reception were held; the band played the two national anthems followed by an inspection of the guard of honor.
Egyptian President Abdulfatah Al-Sisi and his Sudanese counterpart held a session of bilateral talks followed by the meeting of the first session of the Joint Higher committee between Egypt and Sudan at the presidential level in the presence of the two countries delegation.
Ambassador Alaa Yousif, the official spokesperson of the Egyptian Presidency said that the President started the meeting of the Joint High Committee by delivering a speech welcoming the Sudanese Presidnet and the accompanying delegation underscoring the speical relation linking the two countries and the two brotherly peoples and the joint history that brings them together.
Alsisi highlighted elevating the level of the Joint High Committee to be at the presidential level reflecting a clear political will to promote joint cooperation to prospects that conforms to the joint ties bringing the two countries together.
Alsisi further called for launching the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries that embodies the close and expansive relations drawing up the required frameworks for achieving progress in all spheres of bilateral relations.
For his part, President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir expressed his appreciation of the warm welcome accorded to him and the generous hospitality expressing his pleasure over holding the first session of the joint high committee at the presidential level, which reflects the special relation between the two countries and their desire for enhancing cooperation in all spheres.
Al Bashir has welcomed the efforts exerted for preparing for the meetings of the Joint High Committee stressing the need for coming up with outcomes the two fraternal peoples aspire towards.
He expressed congratulations to the Egyptian people on the anniversy marking the victory in the war of October 6, which represents a victory for the entire Arab peoples.
Al Bashir further undrescored the joint historic, cultural and social ties that bring Egypt and Sudan together and the relation of reciprocal respect connecting them together, as well as stressing the need for working towards intensifying cooperation between the two countries in all spheres and agreeing on implementing specific programs to guarantee reaching the aspired for strategic integration.
Al Bashir went on to laude inauguartion of the offshore  Arjen crossing point, considering its contribution in boosting tade exchange between the two countries and stressing the need for going ahead with the agreement of the four freedoms for enhancing integration between the two countries.
He touched on holding the National Dialogue in Sudan, which discuss the most important political and social issues in his country, and the recommndations it concluded with the aim of realizing more stability in Sudan.
Al Bashir highlighted the necessicty of continuing the current coordination between the two countries in the context of the organizations and international forums outlining the regional challenges facing the two countries in addition to the need of synchronizing efforts for reaching political solutions for the crises ocuuring in the two Arab and African regions
The meeting of the High Committee has seen a review of issues related to bilateral relations whereby the Egyptian President noted that his country is looking forward to increasing economic and trade cooperation between the two countries
The two sides confirmed the need for coordinating stances in the different regional and international forums considering that the interests of the two countries are identical.