Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Hassabo: The Forthcoming Government will Carry through National Dialogue Recommendations

Khartoum – The Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman has underlined the importance of regulating the possession of arms and confining them to regular forces.

The Vice-president vowed that the government would be tough in dealing with irregularities and spare no breath to restore law and order. 
Addressing a mass rally in West Darfur state’s capital town of Gineina, Abdul Rahman promised to provide proper basic services to the locals.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to translating the recommendations and the outcome of the national dialogue into reality.
The Vice-President also renewed calls on the rebel movements to resort to peace and join ongoing nationwide dialogue in favor of national and political stability.
He promised to prioritize education in West Darfur in 2017, in addition setting a special fund for that end as well as illiteracy-eradication campaign.  
For his part, West Darfur Governor Fadl-Al-Mula Al-Haja, hailed the cooperation by native administration in supporting the local government’s policies and programs.
The Governor highlighted the essentiality of disarmament, he said a major contributor to restoring stability, peace, security, especially peaceful coexistence. 
He added that his government would save no pains to create proper conditions for voluntary return.

“All Darfur political parties and organizations are supportive of outcome of the national dialogue”, Yassir Babikir, a representative of political parties, remarked.
During his visit to the state, the Vice-President inaugurated a number of vital service facilities including a medical college, health insurance center, exhibition hall for charity and voluntary societies; in addition to a rehabilitation center for street children, as well as additional installations.