Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Member of Palestine Scholars Association Addresses Symposium

Khartoum - Member of Palestine Scholars Association Shiekh Morawah Musa Nassar has shed light on the suffering the Palestinians are subjected

to by the Israeli occupation forces in holy Al Quds town.
Speaking at a symposium here Sunday organized by (Dhilal Al Rahma) organization in collaboration with Women for Al Quds Organization as part of the campaign to break the siege imposed on Gaza town, Shiekh Nassar pinpointed the areas that are seized by the Israelis around the Al Quds holy mosque, saying that the Palestinians remain as the guard for the nation and Al Quds holy mosque.
He said Jews own now more than 135,000 square meters of land around  Al Quds holy mosque, which they acquired through pressures, intimidation and threats they exercise on the Palestinians, saying that they have expelled more than 84000 Palestinians from Al Quds town and its environs, saying that this aims to empty Al Quds town from its Palestinian inhabitants prior to its total judaizing.
Sheikh Nassar elaborated on the methods adopted by the Zionist occupation for judaizing Al Quds town, which he said included creating difficult living conditions for the Palestinians, imposing restrictions on buildings and construction, destruction of homes, depriving them of the right of residence in the holy town and isolating thousands of them through the separation wall.
He stressed that Al Quds will remain an Arab and Islamic town and that all measures and plots by the occupation forces will not change this fact, noting that UNESCO recognizes this right for the Palestinians.