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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Increasing Production Is the Only Way Out to Resolve Economic Problems: NCP Official

Khartoum – Islamic Movement prominent figure and representative of the Secretary-General of the Movement, Dr. El-Haj Adam affirmed that the agricultural

production this season is promising to the extent that there are complaints due to the decline of agricultural products prices, calling on those who complain from the price hikes to return to production areas.
He affirmed, while addressing the concluding session of the Islamic Movement Camp in North Kordofan yesterday that the increase of production is the only way out to resolve the economic problems of Sudan. He added that abundance of agricultural production will lead to the decline of prices.
He called on the government to open markets for the agricultural products and animal wealth besides other Sudanese crops to support the producers.
He slammed those who are seeking political support from Israel while the Sudanese here are seeking the mercy of Allah the Almighty and the prayers of the righteous.
Adam announced that Sudan is heading towards a new era by the start of next year as all the Sudanese will participate in the executive and legislative institutions in the centre and the state as a result of the national dialogue document.
He lauded the efforts of Sheikh Al-Fateh Al-Sheikh Abdulrahim Al-Burie in promoting Quran teachings and its sciences.