Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Accreditation Issues in Mass Media Training Workshop Convenes

Khartoum - Accreditation issues in the mass media three day training workshop convened yesterday with a participation of journalists representing the different mass media organs. The workshop is organized by the Sudanese Accreditation Council SAC in collaboration with the National Council for press and Publications NCPP in the period from 14th -16th November 2017  .The workshop is under the theme Accreditation enhancing trust on the quality of products and services.
Dr. Kamal Abd al Hadi Mohamed Abdallah, Secretary General of the Sudanese Accreditation Council SAC highlighted the purposes of this first training workshop on Accreditation issues targeted the journalists aiming to convey the message of the council to the whole society, he described the establishment of the SAC in 2015 as the most important basics of success of  the economic reform programs in Sudan , in addition to the accreditation of the bodies work in the fields of commodities and services .
Dr. Kamal indicated to that SAC is one of the requirements enabling Sudan to join the World Trade Organization WTO. He added that Sudan exerted great efforts to establish this Council for long years.
Abd al Azeem Awad, Secretary General of the National Council for press and Publications welcomed the participants ,expressed his pleasure that Sudan has joint the International Accreditation Council IAC through establishing the SAC , noted to that Sudan is delayed much more pointed to that  Tunis and South Africa  before 20 years ago . He appreciated the initiative of the SAC in organizing this training workshop targeted the journalist in collaboration with the National council of Press and Publications.   He described the training workshop is one of the most important workshops enhancing the cooperation with SAC.
In the main session he presented the first lecture titled (Accreditation and its role in supporting economy and the consumer protection). The lecture tackled the definition of Accreditation, its objectives and benefits for the economic sector and all organs and all economic and business institutes. The training workshop program includes lectures on Morals of the Press, will present by Dr. Adil Mahjoub. Beside a lecture on the international requirements of Accreditation of evaluating counterparties, by Dr. Hiba Mohamed Tahir . The third lecture will be on the skills of press writings, by Faisal Mohamed Salih .