Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Khartoum State Workers Trade Union Launches Food Basket Project

Khartoum - (Mona Mustafa) Khartoum State Workers Trade Union has launched its project of “workers’ food baskets” covering a total of 30,000 employees at the cost of 47

million pounds.
The project involves provision of consumer goods of flour, sugar, milk… etc at affordable cost that is to be repaid in monthly installments.
Chairman of Khartoum State Workers Trade Union Hashim Al Tom said the project would contribute to stability of the limited-income workers.
He pointed out that the union is considering establishment of a cooperative institution for provision of consumer products to its members at their places of work, noting that the basket would contribute to reduction of prices in the local markets.
Directors of Employees Food Fund Al Sadik Attalmannan affirmed that the prices of the food basket are less than that of the market at rates that range between 15-50 percent, lauding the efforts being exerted by Khartoum State Workers Trade Union.
Deputy Secretary General of Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation Dr. Sir Al Katim Al Amin, on his part, said they are endeavoring to increase the number of banks for funding microfinance projects of the workers.
He indicated that the coming days would witness launching of the biggest market for the produces in Khartoum North.