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Monday, 20 November 2017

Sudanese Stance Remains Neutral towards Libyan Crisis

(Agencies - SMC) A study prepared by a Libyan writer has affirmed that Sudan remained neutral towards the Libyan crisis, adding that the strategic trend of the Sudanese government after the political agreement depends on two essential goals i.e. working to find strong institutions to preserve the Libuan unity and preventing any Libyan party from harbouring Darfur insurgents a matter that threats the Sudanese national security.
The writer, Al-Sanousi Bisikri pointed in a study published by Al-Jazeera Studies Center that the Sudanese stance on Al-Sughairat Agreement remained steady since its signature through supporting and coordinating via the neighbouring states’ mechanism for its implementation by the formation of an active government that preserves unity and imposes stability, adding that Libya represent a strategic dimension to Sudan politically, economically and security.
The study enumerates the consequences of the Libyan crisis on Sudan, pointing to its negative impact in terms of smuggling, crossing crime and the activities of the Sudanese rebel movements in Libya.