Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

African Youths Union Calls for Protecting Youths from Religious Sedition

Khartoum - Speaker of the National Legislature Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer has affirmed while addressing the inaugural session of the African Youths Summit for the year 2017 at the African Parliament that investing in the youths of the African continent is a matter of utmost importance for realizing targets in pursuit of social and economic transformation in the coming five years towards promoting Africa to play an effective role in the world of today.
He highlighted the challenges the youths face in the African communities represented in the domestic conflicts , political problems, religious seditions , fanaticism , poverty, unemployment, migration , rampage of drugs and fear of the future a matter that makes them fuel for the armed movements
He said the responsibilities of these constraints lies on the countries calling for reviewing the national policies in over all of concern to the youths.