Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Industry Ministry Stresses Commitment to Realize Self-sufficiency

Khartoum - The Ministry of Industry has affirmed commitment to achieve self-sufficiency from the goods targeted by the Five-Year Program and directing industrial investment according to comparative advantages, productive capacities and targeted markets to achieve balanced development in the country.
The Minister of Industry Dr. Musa Karama said, when he presented the performance statement of the ministry for the first half of 2017 before the National Assembly in its sitting chaired by its Speaker Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, that the ministry has worked to achieve self-sufficiency, especially from the five-year program commodities along with the expansion and diversification of the industrial base in the country to increase production of export goods and augment contribution of processing industries to the non-petroleum exports.
The ministry's statement pointed to the strengthening of the value added chain, development of the productive efficiency and competitiveness of national industrial products in the internal and external market as well as raising of capability building of the workforce in the sector.
The statement admitted the weakness of networking and computerization in the ministry, referring to the ministry pursuance to provide the necessary infrastructure of databases and technical linking, pointing to the training of about 26,000 individuals in various fields in the national program for continuous industrial development through the Industrial Research and Consulting Center.