Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Joint Coordination of Migration Issues Emphasized

Khartoum: (Al Tayeb Al Sharif) The Workshop of the Program of Improving Migration Management in Sudan has recommended at the conclusion of its   events at  Gedarif  State in which it discussed the operating plan of Gedarif State , setting up two committees for migration coordination along with the committee for following up the implementation of the plan , with the participation of the Justice, police  and security organs as well as  a number of partners.
Minister of Social Welfare at Gedarif State , the Representative of the Governor Awatif Aljaali  has stressed the importance of joint coordination of migration issues for tackling the implications of illegal  migration.
The Minister noted that  Gedarif state was affected by immigrants for decades and the government of Gedarif continued to deliver the basic services to the immigrants along with the human of the state calling  on the international community to extend the required support to Gedarif state and establishing services projects in Gedarif state .
The Minister further affirmed the attention of the government of the state to the illegal migration and controlling it via the competent agencies  and she also affirmed the sponsorship of Gedarif government of the outcomes of the workshop and transforming it to an action plan for implementing them via national partnerships.