Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sudan Government Expresses Concern with Issues of Refuge

Khartoum - The Government of Sudan has affirmed that the issues of refuge and migration the region is witnessing require provision of security, protection and activation of

laws and legislations, expressing concern on the issues.
The Minister of Interior Lt. Gen. Dr. Hamid Mannan was addressing the opening session of a consultative meeting of Intergovernmental Authority on Development’s (IGAD) countries at Al Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum yesterday towards the development of the IGAD Protocol on Free Movement of Persons in the IGAD Region, in the presence of experts of IGAD, the European Union and State Minister at the Ministry of Health.
The Minister affirmed commitment of Sudan to the international and regional charters and their harmonization with new laws such as the IGAD protocol, stressing the importance of boosting and protecting human rights in the states of IGAD region as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights that guarantee the rights of movement and residence of people, movement of capitals, exchange of knowledge and improving living conditions.
The Minister of Interior commended the efforts of some regional and international organizations for provision of financial and material support and technical aid to the projects of migration a matter that assisted in boosting stability in poor communities.
The Representative of the European Union (EU) in Sudan, on his part, affirmed that the current situation in the Horn of Africa requires specific objectives by the states of the region on freedom of movement, describing the movement of peoples in the states of IGAD region as important and indicating that the phenomena of movement should be solved regionally, especially in the IGAD area.
He pointed out that the EU has extended aid for solving the issues of migration and labour, lauding Sudan for opening its doors for great numbers of refugees.
Director of African Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Idriss, on his part, said the member states of IGAD have pledged to realize a number of objectives for the benefit of the peoples of the region, top of which are boosting the strategies of joint development and coordination of economic and social policies besides regional integration and cooperation in the various fields, boosting infrastructure in the fields of transport and telecommunication, attracting investments, preservation of security and stability and environment protection.
Ambassador Abu-Zaid Al Hassan of the Executive Secretariat of IGAD, on his part, said that member states of the organization have agreed since thirty years ago on the freedom of movement of the people, noting that the region faces great challenges that call for coming out with recommendations for their solutions.