Current Date:

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Enhancement of Financial Policies Management Inaugurated in N. Kordofan

Khartoum  -  The Ministry of  Finance and Economic Planning of North Kurduufan State has inaugurated in Al Obied the capital city the project of enhancing financial polices  management at the states via holding the second workshop under the sponsorship of the Governor of the state who is sponsoring the  said project which is funded by the World Bank by a grant amounting to nearly five million US Dollars.
The project will be implemented in the states of Red Sea, North Kurdufan ,the  River Nile and Sennar over three and half  years term under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning.
The project aims at improving and upgrading the efficiency of managing financial policies and triggering the mechanisms of accountability in a manner that comprises integrity and transparency in exploiting the public financial resources towards reducing the opportunities of corruption in the selected states. The workshop aims to briefing the beneficiaries from the state and raising funds for the project.