Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Ministry of Environment: 35 Thousands Trees Burnt Daily

Khartoum: The Supreme Council of Environment has acknowledged existence of constraints  facing environment status in the country.
The Minister of the supreme Council of Environment Hassan Ismail Sidahmed  acknowledged the existence of challenges facing them with regards to the operation of disposing disposal of  waste despite the efforts exerted by the state.
Ismail disclosed that 35 thousand trees are cut down on a daily basis for using them in burning bricks  in one thousand furnaces in Darfur which burns for each bricks burning operation some  35 thousand trees a matter which poses a threat on the vegetation in Darfur.
He disclosed the existence of  fainting cases among children  in East Nile neighborhood caused by furnaces burning in which animal droppings were used .
He said licensing wedding halls will not take place unless after recourse to the Supreme council of environment because the current halls are operating without specifications and there are vision and hearing  diseases caused by audio and illumination  systems