Current Date:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Total Lift of Sanctions on the Way

Few days remained to the total lift of economic sanctions imposed on Sudan in 1997 by US to press the government of Sudan

to accept American policy toward Sudan and the region, more than two decades people of Sudan have been suffering from the sanctions that paralyzed the life, US announced objective behind the embargo is to punish the government of Sudan, accusing it of supporting terrorists.
Sudan civil societies organized protest and demonstrations against the sanctions, saying the “Victim” is the people not the “government” and urged US civil organization to support Sudanese people describing the sanctions “Unfair”.
Formal and popular efforts were exerted to lift the sanctions, the ministry of foreign affairs discussed the issue with American counterpart in different round talks, and the government refused the US stipulations to interfere in domestic issues like conflicts in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan.
Symposiums and seminars were organized to review the feasibility of lifting sanctions and its negative impact, many debates conducted in Khartoum by African Union institutes to prove that sanctions is not justifiable and must be lifted.
Lifting sanction is one of the top agenda in Sudan US negotiations, due to the continuous talk UN dispatched officials to find out the impact on people’s daily life, they met the government officials and visited hospitals, factories and other services’ institutes, they recommended lifting of sanctions, also number of American intellectuals, journalists and activists demanded for lifting sanctions.
In 12th of January 2017 the ex-US president Barack Obama announced the partial lifting of sanctions for six month to monitor the performance of Sudan government in human rights, war in Blue Nile and South Kordofan, peace in Darfur and others, they don’t conditioned removing from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism as a condition to lift sanctio0ns totally.
Since January 2017 Sudan US diplomatic, politic and economic ties has improved mutual visits were paid, positive statements issued by both Khartoum and Washington, the road is being paved to normal relations, but the recent development in Sudan US relations was rejected by the government of Sudan to add its name to the list of human trafficking and human rights violations.
The ministry of foreign affairs says in a communiqué issued on Friday that “Sudan doesn’t threat US national security” also government of Sudan rejected the banning of its citizens from travelling to US, urging US to respect the witness of UN on Sudanese stability. But US explains that lifting sanctions’ measures separated from terror, human trafficking and human rights.
The all are waiting to see what is going to happen in the few days, to lift sanctions totally or to stay it in stage of transitional period as announced in 12th January 2017.
Lifting sanctions quickly to save patients, students and stimulate factories and business movement.