Current Date:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Ministry of Investment Adopts New Policy

Khartoum-A new policy has been adopted by the Ministry of Investment to coordinate with lined ministries at both States and federal levels, the move declared by the State Minister at the Ministry of Investment Osama Faisal.
“We hope to exploit the positive development of Sudan in aspects of politic and economy in and outside the country” said Faisal who continued to say “It is good atmosphere for the Ministry to get benefits from the experience of others, the foreign investment is at the top priority, and particularly it recorded high score since US announced the partial lifting of sanctions in January 2017”.
He added that food security and promotion of agriculture represents one of the major priorities alongside investment in the fields of animal resources, drug industry, mining, petroleum and infrastructure that serves production.
The State Minister revealed that influx of Gulf investment to Sudan following the lifting of sanctions concern with food security especially Saudi investment. Also he pointed to the partnership between those investment houses and Sudan private sector institutes.
“The priority of the Ministry of Investment bases on the projects that generate additional value to our economy and link the economic parts” stated Faisal.
The western countries desire to invest in Sudan due to stagnation, the good facilities provided by the government and the advantages of Sudan products explained the Minister.
The Ministry is preparing an investment roadmap to be presented in the Sudan Reconstruction Conference scheduled to be convened this year by Arab League.
The Minister concluded that creating conducive environment attracts local, regional and international capitals to invest in Sudan and achieve prosperity.