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Monday, 20 November 2017

US$ 22.941 Million the Volume of Trade Exchange between Sudan and Saudi

Khartoum-The volume of trade exchange between Sudan and Saudi Arabia has reached 22.941 million dollars in the year 2016 Ambassador Zarouq said while
The General Consul of Sudan to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Ambassador Awad Hussein Zarouq, has appreciated the increasing progress in the relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia thanks to the efforts of the leaderships in the two countries.
The General Consul said that the cooperation between the two countries is witnessing remarkable progress in the economic field.
He indicated that his Consulate is always exerting efforts, in cooperation with the Economic Advisory at Sudan Embassy in Riyadh, to strengthen further the economic cooperation between Sudan and Saudi Arabia.
He referred to the efforts were exerted to establish an economic centre at the General Consulate to exhibit all the Sudanese products and to encourage investment in the country.
He said that Sudan is currently exporting agricultural products and meat to Saudi Arabia, adding that Saudi Arabia is exporting food materials, plastic raw materials, clothes and other materials to Sudan.
He said that the issuance of passports and the National ID at the General Consulate in Jeddah for the Sudanese expatriates is progressing easily and smoothly.