Current Date:

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Economic Expert Advises the New Minister of Finance

Khartoum-The economic expert Adil Abdul Aziz Al-Faki has appealed to concerning with the previous economic

and financial policies adopted by the ex- minister Bader Aldeen Mahmoud.
He outlined in his daily Colum the key issues can be implemented by the new minister of Finance Mohamed Osman.
Al-Faki advised that continuation of financial computerization system is one of the elements that will contribute to combating corruption. He also demands for supplying the strategic stock policy to stabilize food security and to improve livelihood.
In the same context, the expert highlighted on the public private partnership act which aimed at availing chance for private activities in development projects.
Finally Al-Faki pointed to the financial foreign relations “in this critical stage we urge the new minister of finance to select the most qualified economic advisors to play the role of linking Sudan with foreign investors.
His comment came following the announcement of the national accord government that convened its first meeting yesterday.