Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Finance Ministry Allocates SDG99 Million for Agricultural Electrification Projects

Khartoum-An agricultural electrification projects have been adopted by the ministry of finance

. Sum of 99 Billion SDGs allocated to fund agricultural activities; the project targeted Nile River State.
An agreement between the Ministries of Finance at the federal and state levels was signed recently at the presence of the undersecretary of Ministry of federal finance Mustafa Yousuf and the governor of the state Hatim Al-Wasila.
Mustafa has appreciated the efforts exerted by the governor to promote agricultural sector describing Nile River state as “a productive state”.
On his part, the governor briefed that the move will support “national economy” and reduces the costs; he added that his state produces 2 million onion packages every year alongside the various vegetables and fruit products.