Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

MoU on Agricultural Production and Industry Signed

Serious measures were taken by the Ministry of Investment to upgrade agricultural sector and to facilitate the mission

of companies investing in this field, during the recent visit of Salim Karoub Group of Indonesia many issues were raised “The Minister of Investment Mudathir Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Rahman welcomed the Indonesian Salim group while he was meeting the delegation last week, referring to Sudan huge agricultural and industrial advantages as well as the economic developments after the lifting of the US economic embargo, pointing out to the huge investment flows to Sudan, urging the group to take advantage of the investment climate and opportunities available in the country”.
The lifting of sanctions and the good presentation by the minister before the delegating encourage the two parts to sign a memorandum of understanding to invest in agricultural industrial, the cultivation and the exportation of products.
“The memorandum of understanding asserted embarking on the implementation of the group agricultural projects in the country as well as the agricultural industry and the work on the export of its products. The delegation will stand, through a joint technical committee, on a number of agricultural sites”.
The head of the Salim Karoub Group Mohamed Al-Ashami,who accompanied by  ambassador to Indonesia has cited the objective behind their visit pointed that the mission is conduct field visits to see lands and to study the feasibility of doing agricultural business.
 “Our visit to Sudan came within the framework of the technical studies conducted by the company in preparation for the agricultural investment in Sudan, the delegation, which consists of experts, will make field visits to Nahrel-Nil and Gezira states to stand on some agricultural areas there, calling for enabling the group to own sufficient agricultural land for its production projects” said the head of the delegation following the meeting with minister of the Investment.
Better investment future will be witnessed because the Indonesian company is one of the largest companies working in agricultural business.
It is a high time to invest the opportunity of lifting sanctions by setting proper plans and creating good information and making agricultural database to enable investors to run business easily.