Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Finance Ministry Earmarks SDG72 Million for Desalination Project in Port Sudan

Khartoum -- The Ministry of Fiancé has signed a contract for the installation of water desalination points and sanitation projects in Red Seat

state capital Port Sudan worth 72.400,000 pounds. The ministry contract Packet Engineering Company to carry out the projects and rehabilitate other existing water stations.
The Minister of Finance Badraddin Mahmoud Abbas noted that the contract was aimed at efforts to resolve water problem in Red Sea with the presidential project dubbed "Zero Thirsty"; in addition to other basic service projects in favor of the local residents.
The Minister further said his ministry is committed to carry through the Zero Thirsty project across the board to end drinking water and sanitation problems across many areas of Sudan, especially in Port Sudan.
According to the contract, the contractor company is bound to install 4 desalination points in the state as a temporary solution, while the long –run radical solution to shortage of drinking water in Port Sudan was planned for through stretching supply pipelines from the Nile.
In his speech to the signing ceremony, the Governor of Red Sea State Ali Ahmed Hamid expressed his appreciations to his predecessor for initiating what he described as gracious efforts to end the suffering of the residents of the state. He stated that the Ministry of Finance has supplied an estimated 72 million pounds in support of water projects in the state.
Port Sudan heavily relies on rain and season streams in supplying drinking water to the city, while plans are underway to extend pipelines from river Nile to the state as a radical solution to the problem.