Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Silatak Foundation Provided over SDG 148,376 Million for Youth Projects in Sudan

Khartoum -(SUNA) The Qatari Silatak Foundation has provided over 148,376 million pounds for 11136 young people aged 18-38 in Sudan via the Sudanese Agricultural Bank and its various branches in the state, according to Salah Eddin Hassan Ahmed the Director General of the Bank.

In a statement to the Sudan news agency Ahmed said the funding covered all economic sectors including the animal and plant sectors beside the professional and artisanal and local trade and services.

He said this Qatari programme has helped create a huge number of jobs and employed youth as well as provided training for them in the various areas where expertise is needed to be provided for the youth.

He said the bank has also signed a second agreement with the Qatari organization for providing fund for the youth and that the agreement was signed in the presence of sheikh Moza bint Nasir, the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the foundation, following the whooping
success of the previous agreement implementation.

It is to be noted that Silatak is a charity foundation that seek to better the lots of youth in the Arab world.

The foundation encourages activities and projects that provide employment opportunities for the youth and help with entrepreneurship, through provision of capitals, reaching market place and participation in the economic and social development of the communities.