Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Ministry of Finance in Khartoum State Concerns With livelihood

Khartoum-The minister of Finance, Economic and Consumers’ Affairs in Khartoum state Adil Mohamed Osman has urged to the mobilization of efforts to increase production, the minister was addressing a group of trainee in Computers last week when he paid visit to the directorate of Consumers’ Affairs.
“Training is important” to promote the state economy assured that his ministry has realized the “electronic government” project said the minister.
He appealed the state government to concern with “citizens’ livelihood”   Adil also urged officials in the ministry to use cooperation archive as main sources of economic studies to more production and productivity.
While the chairman of social committee in Khartoum legislative council Al Fatih Abas has announced that Khartoum state witnessed economic stability despite the challenges he attributed the succession to the good plan of budget which addressed all economic issues in the state, he appealed to more training in the field of cooperation institutes and to grape the opportunity of microfinance policy to encourage people to overcome poverty.
It is to be noted that 3539 cooperation society in Khartoum state which recommended to be an economic directorate in the ministry of Finance.