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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sudan's Oldest Student, 85, Gets PhD

Khartoum - An 85-year-old man has become Sudan's oldest person to be awarded a doctorate on 17th July 2017

Yahya Sabir Alsafi, has toured various regions of Sudan while in the profession of teaching English language, before he eventually retired at the age of 70 to settle in capital Khartoum.
Mr. Alsafi became interested in a PhD after he retired from teaching English at the retirement age.
Finally, Mr. Safi was awarded the mark of "high distinction" for his work, which he successfully defended on problems to translation, before a jury of the Omdurman Islamic University, Khartoum.
The thesis was entitled “Problems Facing Translators" It drew on his own experience as a teacher in state schools as English language teacher, a profession that took him to different regions of Sudan with diverse cultures.
Alsafi noted that he has finished his thesis after three years and five months, concluding that translation in Sudan is faced with many difficulties such as lack of necessary resources.
In his recommendations, he called on relevant institutions to work for providing necessary tools and resources to equip students of foreign languages with needed skills, especially vocabulary – he deems as key to being a good translator.