Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 21 January, 2014

* State of Emergency Declared in Upper Nile.
* 2.7 Million Children Out of Schools
* IGAD Summit to Discuss Ugandan Intervention in South Sudan.
* Dosa Reveals New Details on Auditor General Report.
* Airplanes to Monitor Commercial Convoys Heading to Darfur.
* Considerable Reduction in Sugar Prices.
* PCP: Turabi is not a Red Line.
* Al-Mirghani Receives DUP Initiative on National Consensus.
* VP Affirms Sudan Commitment to IGAD Initiative in resolving South Sudan Conflict.
* Government Rejects Foreign Intervention in South Sudan.
* White Nile State Receives More than 3 Thousand S. Sudan Refugees.
* NCP Discusses Youth Political Issues.
* Auditor General Describes Finance Ministry as Forger.
* Al Bashir Leads Sudan's Delegation to IGAD Summit
* Interior Ministry Starts Registering the Foreigners to Deport them
* Taha Turns down Islamic Dawaa Organization Executive Manager Position.
* Justice Ministry Appoints 500 Legal Consultants.
* Parliament Round Wraps Up.
Akhir Lahza
* Carter Meets Al Bashir and Ghandour.
* Ministerial Committee to Review Auditor General's Report.
* Petroleum Minister: Airplanes' Fuel enough for two Months.
* Sudan Railways Launches Khartoum/Atbara Nile Modern Train.
* Finance Ministry: The Challenge Is Making Al Bashir Initiative on Food Security A reality.
* Sudanese/Russian/Chinese/British Cooperation in Mining.
* Khartoum Ministry of Education Proposes Establishment of Education Support Fund.
* Machar: Ugandan Mercenaries Are Obstacle for reaching ceasefire Agreement.
* South Kordofan sets a plan to Contain Humanitarian Impacts of South Sudan Conflict.
* Activists Call on US Administration to Lift Technical Sanction from Sudan,
Al-Ray Al-Am
* Arab League Council Allocates US$2 Billion for Agriculture in Sudan.
* Psychiatric hospital in Wad-Medani receives 2-5 Patients Daily
* Salva Kiir Intends to Release Political Detainees.
* April 7th, Next Parliament Round.
* Al Bashir Forms a Committee to Follow-up Embezzlement.
* Evacuation of 30 Sudanese from Ethiopia Who Fled S. Sudan Conflict.
* Egyptian Delegation: We Don’t Accept Any Assault on Sudan or Its People.
Al-Ahram Alyoum
* Petrol Stations to Receive their Full Quotas Today.
* NCP MPs Bloc Calls on Al Bashir to remove Their Chief.
Al-youm Al-tali
* PCP: Khartoum Qualified to Resolve South Sudan Conflict Provided Neutrality.
* Bread Crisis Escalates, Government Affirms Existence of Wheat in Mills.
* Al-Sisi: Sports Situation in Sudan is Miserable
* SPLA Controls Malakal

By Sudan Vision, 21/01/2014