Crazy Prices of Sacrifice Sheep

At this very time every year livestock markets see high demand for sacrifice sheep. Despite the abundance of fodder, livestock prices shot up, a development which led the government to take some measures to enable citizens to afford buying a sheep to meet the religious ritual practice of slaughtering a lamb during Eid Al-Adha.

Polling dealers in Omdurman livestock market, a dealer told Sudan vision that price of sheep ranges between SDG1200- 1700, ruling out that prices will drop down to SDG 500 even if dealers were exempted from fees. Likewise, another dealer expected that prices would not go down as dealers are not suppliers, putting the highest price at SDG 1200. He added that only small lambs can be bought for SDG 500.

No brokers

Another polled dealer denied the presence of brokers in the Khartoum livestock market, saying they buy directly from producers, while affirming low purchase power. He went on to add that the sheep price at production areas  totals SDG 700-900, plus cost of transport SDG 50 + another 50 for waste disposal and 10-20 paid  as fees to localities. According to him, large size sheep sells at SDG 1100, medium size at 800-850, small one at 600-650,   with the biggest sheep weighing 35 kilos.

The Khartoum state jumps in:

According to the secretary-general of workers federation union in the state, sacrifice sheep will be distributed to members against installments to be spread over nine months. He called on member trade unions to submit requests of their membership interested to buy sheep.

On the other hand, deputy treasury secretary said large numbers of livestock will be marketed this year, estimating prices at SDG 600-800-1000. He said animal wealth sector saw high production this year due to the success of the rainy season, in addition to provision of veterinary services to ensure that livestock is free from diseases. 

For his part, the chairman of livestock export chamber said livestock export will this year add   50% of the foreign currency to the general budget, hence representing the lion’s share in exports. He however returned to note that lift of fuel subsidy was the major cause in the hike of livestock prices.

Despite these high prices of livestock, most citizens have expressed keenness to purchase a sacrifice sheep to meet a religious ritual   practice, and to please their children who impatiently wait for the occasion. 

By Hana Abdul Hai, 08/10/2013