Sudan Proud of What Has Been Achieved in Child Protection, UNICEF Representative

Khartoum – UNICEF and the Embassy of Japan have handed over supplies such as vehicles and motorcycles to Sudan National Police to improve the outreach capacity of its Family and Child Protection Units to the conflict-affected areas and to support provision of unified and comprehensive child–friendly services in Sudan.
UNICEF’s Representative in Sudan Mr. Geert Cappelaere told Sudan Vision that Sudan should be proud of what has been achieved in child protection units throughout the country. “We will not stop supporting Sudan until these units are able to reach every boy and girl. There is still some work to be done”.
Mr. Geert Cappelaere said this is really a landmark achievement by the government of Sudan in the protection office units for children. and it is unique for Africa. It is even an example in many western countries to see these family and child protection units working so well.
“We will ensure that those family and child protection units throughout Sudan are effectively and efficiently providing the protection to children who are affected by conflict of war. Today is another special day for the protection of children in Sudan because of the gift of the government of Japan to support family and child protection units all over the Sudan,” Mr. Cappelaere said.

By Haffiya Elyas, 03/09/2013