Traditional Mining Contributes in Lifting the SDG Exchange Rate

Khartoum – Minister of Minerals said traditional mining contributed towards reduction of poverty and unemployment and helped in distributing wealth among populations.

Kamal Abdul Latif, in his speech before a workshop on contribution of mineral sector in domestic product organized by the Ministry yesterday, said the upcoming challenge for the Ministry would be to increase production, and urged the state to focus on productive sectors by providing them with necessary funding to contribute towards efforts to boost the economy.

The Minister underscored the importance of the conduct of economic statistics and studies to ensure good future planning particularly with regard to funding.

Meanwhile, the Federal Minister of Finance said traditional mining contributed toward increasing the exchange rate and covered the trial balance after the secession of South Sudan and the loss of oil revenues.

Ali Mahmoud lauded the great role undertaken by the mining sector to support national economy to generate foreign exchange, underlining the need to make the maximum use of the traditional mining revenues.

In the same vein, State Minister at the Ministry of Social Welfare, Ibrahim Adam, stressed the importance of reducing use of mercury in mining to curb the spread of diseases, create conducive atmosphere for miners and provide security and services. He also highlighted the importance of reviewing mining legislations for the greater benefit of the people.

Dr. Zuhoor Abdul Hai, researcher, presented a paper on contribution of traditional mining in reducing unemployment. Traditional mining areas have attracted over a million Sudanese who sustain more than 33% of Sudan's population, estimated at 32 million, she said. These figures indicate contribution of the sector in domestic product and promotion of peaceful co-existence.

She urged the establishment of joint stock companies to operate in the field of agriculture and animal wealth besides coordination between the Ministries of Minerals and Urban Planning to avert conflict over land ownership.

By Ibrahim Al-Jack, 28/08/2013