Information Ministry, NISS Agree on Press Censorship

Omdurman - Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman of Information announced that the ministry had reached an agreement with the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) allowing for the cessation of preemptive censorship on newspapers provided they commit to the Journalistic Honor Charter.
In a press release yesterday in the parliament; the minister said the agreement will be put in effect very soon. He pointed out that in case a newspaper or journalist violates the provisions of the Journalistic Honor Charter by getting involved in issues that out the country at risk or inciting tribal disagreement; the Judiciary, not security agencies, will be the authority to penalize. He went on to say that in such an event the minister of media who's also the official spokesman of the government will press charges and the concerned authorities will impose the appropriate penalty which could be suspending the newspaper or any other penalty that is deemed appropriate.
He stressed that as of the day of the announcement, no journalist will be suspended except by the Judiciary.
He also announced that (Almidan) newspaper is no longer suspended and resume publication at any time saying that the government started taking important steps to reinforce good intentions.
Bilal commented on the verbal assault Egyptian newspapers launched on the Sudanese government for asserting that Halayib area is Sudanese, saying that what the Egyptian newspapers are advocating does not represent the official stance of the Egyptian government. These, he said, are individual opinions aiming to destabilizing relations between the two countries.
It is worth mentioning that the minister of information  had presented the performance report of his ministry to the parliament displaying the ministry's work in 2012 and the plans for 2013. The report was delegated to the concerned committee for further review.

By Hana Abdul Hai, 22/04/2013