Sudan, Egypt to Pave the Way for Strong Ties, Broad Cooperation

Al Bashir: Egypt will Ratify the Four Freedoms Agreement Soon
Khartoum – Sudan and Egypt agreed to overcome the borders' disputes and to work for establishing political and economic integration in those areas, besides removing all obstacles that might occur, especially in Halaib bordering area.
Sudanese President, Omer Al Bashir said that the governments in the two countries are concerned in removing all the obstacles and clearing the borders to ease the movements of the citizens and commodities. He affirmed that the borders which are drawn in the maps will be just like it is as the Sudanese government doesn’t have any nervous trends in this issue. He added that the implementation of the four freedoms will remove those painted borders and there will be no more tensions or talk over who attacked the territories of the other.
Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi stressed that there is no problem between the two countries on the borders, adding that the borders will never represent an obstacle for the continuing the integration and investment efforts.
In the joint press conference held yesterday, in the conclusion of Egyptian President Morsi visit to Sudan, Al Bashir expected that Egypt will implement the four freedoms agreement signed between the two countries after Sudan fulfilled its obligation in all stages.
Al Bashir said that Egypt and Sudan are capable to overcome the attempts of hostile parties which endevour to crate temptation among Nile Basin States, revealing an agreement reached between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia over the Eastern Nile Basin which represents 86% of the Nile waters, adding that the two countries are working to reach a deal with Nile Basin States on the issue.
On his part, President Morsi said that his government is working out a plan since June to strengthen the relations with all African continent states to remove the past bitterness which he described as a setback which should be corrected.
He affirmed that Sudan and Egypt are in agreement to work jointly in the framework of the necessity of reaching a consensus among Nile Basin States over the projects along the headwaters and the tributaries of Nile Basin.
Morsi considered his visit to Khartoum as the backbone of opening all the doors between the two countries and removing all the obstacles, if any, to achieve an actual integration between Sudan and Egypt towards unity which the people of the two countries aspire.
He pointed out that this would be an approach for development in Africa considering that Sudan and Egypt are the focal point towards Africa and Arab and Asian countries.
He hinted to the railways which will link Alexandria with Cape Town in South Africa passing across Sudan and Nile Basin States.
Morsi affirmed that the bilateral talks emphasized the importance of supporting the Palestinian people in their legitimate right in establishing their independent state, besides discussing the situation in Syria.
He said that the two countries agreed on utilizing the potentials in both countries to the maximum through establishing joint projects in agriculture, animal wealth and human development towards achieving an actual economic integration besides intensifying the efforts to double trade and investments.
He pointed to the agreement of establishing a research ranch of 500 feddans, establishing joint navigation company, industrial area North of Khartoum in an area of 2 million square meters for multipurpose factories including power and bio-fuel. He pointed also to the inauguration of the eastern coastal road besides intensifying the work in the River Nile western road.
The Egyptian President affirmed Cairo's support to Sudan's regional and international stances, besides its support to Sudan and South Sudan to reach settlement for the outstanding issues and the support of his country to the DDPD.
Sudanese Persident, Omer Al Bashir affirmed that the relations with Egypt is strategic adding that Sudan handed Egypt the maps of the proposed industrial area, pointing out that this historical visit will have its impact in improving the relations between the two countries.
Egyptian President, Dr. Mohammed Morsi expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Sudanese leadership and people for their hospitality in his visit pointing out that the people of the two nations will reach in cooperation and integration heading towards unity.
Morsi said that they agreed with the Sudanese leadership on several issues for the benefit of the people of the two countries.
He concluded that they will link the people of Egypt and Sudan to become one nation and one leadership, adding that the opening of the eastern and coastal roads will benefit the people of the two countries.

By Al-Sammani Awadallah, 05/04/2013