Blue Nile Celebrates Nationals Orphan Day

Damazin - Deputy Governor of Blue Nile State, Dr. Adam Abakar Ismail witnessed the ceremony of the National Orphans Day, which was organized by the Secretariat of the Zakat Chamber in Blue Nile State.
Ismail called for concern to orphans, in reviving of the values of compassion ordered by Islam. He called for the establishment of associations that sponsor orphans and enable them to reach the prospects for success.
At the end of the ceremony models of honouring of the ideal mother and ideal student were provided.
Minister of Social Welfare and Humanitarian Affairs of the state addressed the role of Zakat in the provision of services and support those in need and affected by the war, saying that the celebration of the Orphan Day achieves a lot of meanings.
Secretary of Zakat Chamber in the state, Bashir Mohammed Omar tackled the support for Orphan Day. He stated that the total cost of the said day amounted to SDG 2,626,500.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chamber, Sheikh Al-Amin Mohamed Osman praised all employees for upgrading the work of Zakat Chamber.

By Mekki Mahil, 23/03/2013