West Darfur Ministers Council Approves New Budget

Khartoum - West Darfur Ministers' Council has approved budget for 2013 in preliminary to submit to the Legislative Council for endorsement.
Mohamed Osman Hashim West Darfur Minister of Finance said: all members of the council contributed to drafting and drawing up the new budget, whose notes were taken into consideration during discussions. 
"The budget concentrated on health, education and other development projects including electricity and water," he pointed out.
Hashim added that the new budget takes into consideration ways of tapping local resources, revenues, in addition to controlling government spending.
"Huge animal and agricultural resources in which the state abounds will contribute to supporting the budget," Hashim said in statements to Sudan Vision.
Worth noting that West Darfur has set up a comprehensive plan to reform infrastructure in coordination with the central government to supply funds for projects beyond the capabilities of the state.

By Mohamed Abdallah, 17/02/2013