Al Bashir to Address African Trade Union Tomorrow

Khartoum - President Omar Al-Bashir will address the opening session of the second African trade union forum of the World Federation of Trade Unions tomorrow morning. The forum has the slogan of "Together we make Africa in the forefront" and has attendees from 37 African states in addition to China and Greece.
The deputy president of the federation and chairman of the high committee of the forum, Al-Jenaid Ahmed Mohammed, confirmed that all arrangements have been completed to convene the forum. He said that the forum comes at an important stage and is a gain to Sudan and a real opportunity to promote trade union cooperation.
Mohammed said that the forum aims to discuss several urgent issues of trade in Africa and is a chance for Sudan to present its issues and its developments. He said it is a chance for Sudan to clarify its true face, complaining that Sudan has been targeted by foreign media which seeks to tarnish its image.
Mohammed said that the two-day forum will hear many work papers; two will be presented in the first session, and two other work papers will be presented on the second day. He said that there will be an open dialogue with Presidential Assistant Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie. A Khartoum statement will be released at the end of the event.
Mohammed praised the world union's role in supporting various issues of Sudan internationally. He said the policy has been managed through civil society organisations, adding, "We will not become an isolated island." He referred to the participation of the Sudanese trade union in all the union’s issues.
The secretary for external relations and the secretary-general of the world federation, Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, stressed the importance of the forum as an important gathering. He talked about Sudan’s role in the African trade union federations. He said that bilateral agreements will be signed on the sidelines of the forum between the union and other unions, besides activating previous agreements between the union and other unions.
The deputy secretary general of the world union, Dr. Al-Sadiq Ali, reviewed the origins and evolution of the World Federation of Trade Unions and its objectives and priorities. He noted that the union has a membership of 80 million workers, representing 210 organisations from 120 countries around the world.

By Zuleikha Abdul Raziq - Hafah Elias, 02/02/2013