VP Adam Rules out Talks with the SPLM-North

Khartoum - Sudan will not allow South Sudan's oil exports to flow through its territory until Juba cuts ties with anti-Khartoum rebels and expels their leaders, Vice President Dr. Al-Haj Adam Yousif told Reuters 
Vice President affirmed that senior officers arrested for planning a coup would get a fair trial.
On Sunday, South Sudan's negotiator Pagan Amum said exports could restart in two or three weeks, raising hopes lingering issues would be resolved at talks in Khartoum this week.
But Yousif rejected Amum's assertion that security questions had been settled, and accused Juba of continuing to support and host rebels fighting the Khartoum government.
"We see that nothing has been done positively in this respect. We want action, of course, rather than talking," Yousif told Reuters
"We hope the next few days will reveal some positive steps," he said, but added: "Unless the security is sorted out, nothing is going to be implemented (regarding oil) ... We are waiting for concrete and positive steps."
Sudan would not budge on security, he said, adding that the government had not included oil exports fees from the South in its budget for next year.
Yousif ruled out talks with the SPLM-North, made up mainly of fighters who sided with the South during the civil war, until it cut ties with Juba.
"They have to come to us as Sudanese but not representing the South Sudan army," he said. "For example, if a Sudanese is working in the American marines and then he comes here to talk with us as a Sudanese, we are not going to accept it at all."

By Staff Writer, 07/12/2012