“Penetration of Regular Forces by Enemies Impossible” Says VP Adam

Khartoum -- The government has stressed that it will deal decisively with the foiled sabotage attempt last Thursday in which 13 individuals were arrested, most notably Salah Gosh, former chief of intelligence and national security.
Vice President Al-Haj Adam expressed the state’s confidence in its regular forces to protect security and their loyalty to the Sudanese people.
He deemed the foiled sabotage plot against the country a message to opposition political forces scheming sabotage.
“There is no way for them to hide inside the regular forces,” said the Vice President. Al-Haj said such attempts would be dealt with decisively. He directed a message to South Sudan, stressing that South Sudan’s oil will not go through the North unless the security file is handled, and Sudan is assured of security of its border.
He called on South Sudan to stop all forms of support for rebels in Blue Nile, Darfur and South Kordofan.
The government earlier announced that 13 accused servicemen and civilians were arrested over a subversive plot yesterday. The detainees included former chief spy Salah Gosh, Maj.Gen. Adel Al-Tayeb from military intelligence, and Brig. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Jalil, known as “Wad Ibrahim.”
The plot was orchestrated to take place earlier but was delayed to last Thursday, revealed Ahmed Bilal Osman, Minister of Culture and Information, at a news conference. “The government decided to nip this attempt in the bud as a precautious measure after observing the internal and external communications in connection with the matter to save the country from anarchy,” said the Minister. He added, “The relevant authorities gathered much evidence showing moves aimed to create instability to target the leaders and stability of the country.”
The Minister indicated that the subversive attempt started with rumours about the President’s illness to prepare the public opinion and scene for such work. He mentioned the dreams of some political parties, internal and foreign, which he did not name, of preparing the scene for moves that would lead to the regime’s downfall. He said such dreams have “no legs.” 
The Minister of Information said that the government is investigating the suspects in custody. “What is happening does not pose any threat to the stability of the country nor does it have any extension within the army, or security, or popular defense. The government is in harmony,” the minister assured.
He called on the media not to pay attention to rumours and pledged that he will supply information to the public immediately.
At its meeting, chaired by President Omar Al Bashir, the National Congress Leadership Office listened to a detailed report of the foiled sabotage attempt. The office, according to a detailed statement on the meeting, was assured that the incident was limited and that safety measures were taken concerning security authorities in a high profession.
The office directed for the party’s programmes and policies to be carried out to enforce the rule of order, so that goals can be reached security preserved.
The thwarted attempted did not exceed the stage of communication among the plotters who were arrested, said Qutbi Al-Mahdi, member of the ruling National Congress Leadership Office. He added that only a limited number of people were involved in the move.
He strongly ruled out that such attempt would lead to divisions within the party. He affirmed that the arrested Mr Gosh was previously sacked from the party and that he has nothing to do with the party. Al-Mahdi said that none of the party’s leaders was in complicity with the coup.
Sudan military spokesperson Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad said that Staff Maj.Gen. Kamal Abdel-Maarouf, commander of operations in Heglig, had no connection with the plot and that he is presently discharging his work and military responsibilities in South Kordofan away from this incident. He added, “General Abdel-Maarouf has the right to sue whoever is spreading these rumours.”
“Up to the moment, no collaborates from the armed forces have been announced and disclosing the names of any associates remains conditional on the investigation process and its results,” Saad explained.  

By Al-Sammani Awadallah, 23/11/2012