Sudan Hosts 17th African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) Conference

Khartoum - National Telecommunication Corporation hosts the 17th African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) Conference in Al-Salam Rotana Hotel in the period from November 24th through 29th.
The meeting provides the opportunity for Sudanese companies and institutions to benefit in great deal from the training programs provided by AFRINIC and the experience of the more than 200 participants from the internet service providers and servers in the world.
Several African governmental institutions are going to take part in the meeting to discuss issues related to internet management in Africa. Internet operators will also hold a workshop to discuss the issues and challenges that face them.
The members of the meeting will deliberate the policies governing internet resources and elect a new African internet provider board. They will also discuss the issuance of the sixth internet protocol, internet management, and electronic voting are among the issues on the meeting's agenda as well.
AFRINIC is the Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources serving the African Internet Community.

By Haffiya Elyas, 18/11/2012