Sudan/Tunisia: We Will Continue Fighting to the End - Al-Kouki

Sudanese club side Al-Ahly Shandy hopes of reaching the semi-finals of 2012 Orange CAF Confederation Cup suffered a blow after a home 1-0 defeat to Al-Merreikh during match day 4 on Sunday. The Tunisian-born Shandy coach Mohamad Al-Kouki told after the game that his side will continue fighting to the end even though their semi-final chances have all but gone.
What did you make of the today's match?
We played a good match, and l thought the boys performed well over 90 minutes. We had more possession than Al-Merreikh even their coach Ricardo said so at the press conference but they scored the goal and won today. Al-Merreikh took advantage of our defensive mistake and the game was decided by that goal. That was the only difference between the two sides.
Where did it go wrong in the defeat at home to Al-Merriekh?
We could not finish in front of goal and lacked effectiveness up front in this match. We created chances but could not put them away and this cost us today. We also seem to have less focused in our defensive zone.
What was the value of the changes that you made during the match?
I doubled the strikers, as I introduced striker Montasir Al-Rabie this gave my team an added edge up front and we controlled the midfield as well as create a number of opportunities in front of the goal but as l said we were toothless in converting these chances today.
How would you describe your team journey in this competition?
First of all am fully satisfied of way Al-Ahly Shandy has introduced itself to the continent of Africa in the continental competition in its debut year. I think we have done Sudan football proud this year.
How are you going to approach the remaining matches?
We will play with the same determination, spirit and maintain our momentum . It is true that our destiny is no longer in our hands, but we have a little hope and will stick to it until the end. We have to win against Al-Hilal in Omdurman in the next match and beat Interclube in Shandy city and then we have to wait for Al-Merreikh to beat Al-Hilal in the last group match and if it all goes this way for us then we will make the semis, but we will continue fighting to the end.

By Agencies, 19/09/2012