Al Bashir: Protect African Space from Satellites

Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir launched an initiative for African countries to legislate protection of their space to preserve their rights against crossing satellites and to confirm their legal rights.
 Al Bashir called on African telecommunications ministers to announce work programs to support communication and information in the African continent for the benefit; progress and stability of their people; maintain the African human and civilized heritage; coordinate information security; expand cooperation projects in electronic commerce, stock exchange and agriculture; and attend to civil society organizations and the private sector.
Addressing the conference of African communications ministers yesterday, Al Bashir stressed the importance of developing policies, legislation and artistic techniques that will stimulate progress in communications and information; promote protection and security for all information sources; protect communication privacy; reduce hacking strengthen space, communications and information research; and strengthen image receiving and processing software and remote sensing applications.
Al Bashir also expressed the need to use information and communication technology to enhance scientific research and innovation; to strengthen coordination mechanisms among African countries in information and communication; to exchange experiences; to learn from others' experiences; and to engage in bilateral, regional or continental projects.
He noted the need to strengthen the role of mail in communication between African peoples and globally.  He recommended paying attention to the African man by establishing training institutes and raising the standards of universities, institutes and colleges specializing in communication and information science.
The President of the Republic said Sudan must pay special attention to the telecommunications and information sectors, become updated in all economic and social development areas and implement ambitious programs.

By Mohammad Omar El-Haj, 05/09/2012