SMS :When a Congressman Violates the Law

American congressman and a journalist have sneaked into South Kurdufan state coming from the republic of south Sudan (ROSS) without entry visa.
The congressman was Frank Wolf from Virginia, and the journalist was Nicholas Kristof a columnist for the New York Times, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize!  .
The two VIPs did not demand an entry visa from the Sudanese authorities.
No one argues that the two men's conduct was shameful and improper, especially from a legislator "congressman" who supposed to be keen to respect the international law and to show respect to the rules that organize the issue of entering foreign countries. What distinguishes Wolf and his companion from other outlaws and criminals who infiltrate into countries without visa? Why the congressman enacts laws and rules which ban and forbid foreigners to enter USA without visa, whereas he commits the same conduct violating the law? Is it a civilized behavior to not practice what you preach?  Or it was the "ends justify the means"?

Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf

The congressman and his companion have fragrantly violated the international law and the charter of the United Nations and the laws of the Sudan, and they disrespected the sovereignty of it. The only explanation for this unjustified conduct is that the two men have something wrong and illegal they wanted to do it. They sought to support the so-called SPLM/N which fights the Sudanese government with the support of ROSS. This incident proves obviously that US supports the armed insurgencies in the region known as Sudanese Revolutionary Front , which attacks the Sudanese Armed Forces and terrorize civilians there using them as shields which explicit violation to human rights and contrary to international norms that US often claims it works to maintain them .

By Al-Rikabi Hassan Yagoub, 06/03/2012