Editorial :President's Directives

The directives of the President to the Governors of the states to cancel all fees and levies imposed on commodities and goods need guarding from the federal government, because most of the states circumvent the issue by imposing fees and levies through its legislative councils to have its legality.
The delegation of power which the constitution granted to the states' government created a lot of complications which need to be reviewed in the interim constitution.
The effective treatment to such excesses could be through inserting the states' budget in the general budget with strict control on states' revenues and expenditure.
However, the support provided to the states from the central government, if utilized correctly there would be no problem.
For instance the example of the Red Sea State in making an unprecedented development despite the fact that it receives less federal support compared to other states.
Inserting the states' budget in the general budget will also be useful in reading the actual indicators of the economic growth and will help in proper planning and bridging the gaps.
 Observers believe that the government allocates fewer funds for education, but the reality is that spending on general education is an affair of the states, so if the states' budget was inserted in the general budget then we will recognize that there are considerable funds allocated for general education.
It is the duty of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers to follow up the President's directives and make it downloadable through enforceable decisions to avoid weakening the authority of the government.
The Council of Ministers can assign one of the Presidential Assistants to follow up the issue and hold a regular monthly meeting to assess the implementation of the directives.
We believe that there will be no problem in the general budget or the states' budget if the general expenditure is controlled in the centre as well as in the states.
The directive of canceling the fees and levies is an old directive announced by the President in the year 2002 but some of the states did not commit with it.
We appreciate the President's orders in his last meeting with the states' governors as he stressed on deducting the federal support from any state that doesn't commit to the directives of canceling the illegal fees and levies.
If the President's directive is firmly implemented we think that all the states will cancel those illegal levies because deducting the federal fund will negatively affect the states' programmes and all the chapters of its budgets.

By Sudan Vision, 01/01/2012