Al-Dabi: Arab Monitoring Team will Stand at Equal Distance between Syrian Parties

Khartoum- Chief of the Arab Observing Mission Team, heading to Syria, Ambassador Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa AL-Dabi, has affirmed that he will stand at an equal distance between the Syrian parties.
In a statement to Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Al-Dabi said that the mandate provided to the Observing Mission is to enforce the signed protocol between the Arab league and the Syrian Government , adding that they will work to enforce the protocol to achieve the interest of Syria: land and people as well as preserving of Syrian lives, noting that he will arrive in Cairo tomorrow to meet officials in the Arab league to head after that to the Syrian capital to stand on the situations there .
It is to mentioning that the Secretariat General of the Arab league has
approved the nomination of Lt. Gen. Al-Dabi as head of the Arab
Observation Team.

By SUNA, 23/12/2011