Sudan First VP Urges Arabs to Adopt Strategic Plan for Food Security

Khartoum - First Vice President, Ali Osman Mohammed Taha yesterday called on the Arab states to adopt a joint strategy for harmonizing production and demand of foodstuff in the Arab and Islamic world.

While addressing the opening session of the of Council of the General Federation of Agriculture, Industry and Trade for Arab Countries (CGFAITAC) meetings, under the slogan "Prospects of Arab Food Security and the Role of the Private Sector), Taha called for coincidence over joint Arab strategy between governments and the private sector to overcome the obstacles of food shortages through importing modern technologies and availing  investment opportunities, besides providing the required funding and reviewing the current investment legislations.

Taha called for availing good investment environment besides working out plans to attract the private sector for investment through reasonable incentives.

On his part, the Chairman of the Islamic Chamber for Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Saleh Abdallah Kamel, said that the decline of foreign investments in Sudan is due to the oscillatory of the national plans and the instability in economical policies.

Kamel called for providing accountability element and fulfilling the commitments, and reviewing the investment encouragement act.

In the same sequence, Council of the General Federation of Agriculture, Industry and Trade for Arab Countries (CGFAITAC) Chairman, said that Sudan is considered one of four states on which the globe is counting on in food security.

On his part, Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation Chairman, Saud Al-Berair called for transforming the slogan of the session into reality urging the private sector to play its role in providing food and achieving development in the Arab states.

By Shadia Basheri, 29/11/2011