Al Bashir Appoints Al-Hadi Bushra as Blue Nile Governor

Khartoum - President Omar Al Bashir issued a Presidential Decree Tuesday appointing Major-General Al-Hadi Bushra as Acting Governor of Blue Nile thus relieving Major General Yahya Mohammd Khair from the post.

Bushra held a number of official positions previously including Governor of the Northern State, Minister of Roads and Bridges besides head of the committee responsible for liquidating the State Security Service.

Deputy Governor of Blue Nile Adam Ismael Abakar welcomed Bushra's appointment, explaining that the appointment has come to allow the care taker Governor to devote more time and effort for military operations, adding that Bushra's appointment has been expected within the framework of coordinating military and civilian efforts in the region.

Major General Yahya Mohammd Khair will focus on military operations as Military Commander, his previous post.

He confirmed people in Blue Nile are ready to cooperate with their new governor, expressing hope that Bushra will support Sudan Armed Force (SAF) to sweep insurgency away from Blue Nile.

Further, Abakar affirmed stability of security situation in the region, pointing out that 80 percent of schoolchildren have returned back to their schools, confirming the return of 95 percent of Blue Nile residents, expecting complete return of all citizens the coming week.

He stated that Blue Nile is currently void of IDPs camps as result of efforts by SAF in spreading security and stability across the region. SAF succeeded in aborting insurgents' plan based on shattering stability in preparation for intervention of foreign organizations implementing a hostile agenda under the cover of humanitarian work.   

By Al Sammani Awadallah, 20/09/2011