Gaddafi Financed Darfur Broad-front Rebels in Uganda: Government

Khartoum -The Sudanese government has uncovered its secret relations with the Libyan revolution since the first weeks of its eruption. It said relations between Sudan and the Libyan revolutionary council "have started since the first weeks of the revolution".
In the radio program "Conference on the Radio" that was transmitted by the Sudanese Broadcast yesterday, the minister of state at the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Ameen Hassan Omer, has said there is coordination between Sudan and the State of Qatar on this matter and that the recent visit by President Al Bashir to Doha was for the purpose of coordinating between the two countries for supporting the Libyan revolution.
"It is still early to provide support to the Libyan revolution and each stage has got a different way of support," he said.
Dr. Omer added the Libyan revolution needs to have security belt between Libya and its neighbors as well as help to enable them extend security to all parts of the country.
He added Sudan has provide technical assistance to the Libyan revolution.
Dr. Omer said the role of Ghadafi with respect of Sudan was negative and this applies to all neighbors of Libya and that Ghadafi used to interfere in all international issues and the internal affairs of other countries using the huge Libyan wealth.
He said the government had talked to him about his assistance of Khalil Ibrahim movement in invading Omdurman and that the government is in possession of many confirmed and detailed information on his support of the rebel movements in Darfur.
"I tell you 90% of the funds used by rebel movements in Sudan came from Libya and still funds that have not been frozen are coming from Libya to the rebels," Dr. Omer said.
He added the government adopted smooth diplomacy in talking to Ghadafi (since some times he used to play positive roles) in order to avoid the using of Libyan funds in a war with Sudan and the opening of new fronts.
Dr. Omer said Ghadafi wanted that either the Darfur peace came through Libya or war continued as a punishment of Sudan.
He added Ghadafi used to request the government to give concession to Khalil Ibrahim.
Dr. Omer said the government had participated in secret negotiations with Justice and Equality Movement in the Libyan city of Sirt before and during Abuja but the Libyan stances was biased towards JEM in the finance and military sides. He added Ghadafi tried to impose on government an agreement with JEM but the government ultimately shifted the talks to Doha.
Dr .Omer said the convergence of Darfur armed insurgents in Kampala has been organized and financed by Libya since Libya has large interest in Uganda and that there is no confirmation that funds from Libya to insurgent movements have stopped since Uganda has not frozen Libyan assets.
Dr. Omer excluded the repetition of the Iraqi model in Libya "since it is very difficult for the NATO to implement its agenda in Libya because the Libyan revolution will not allow the entry of any international forces to establish an international presence in Libya.
"But the U.S. fears that Islamists will eventually take over in Libya, he said.
Dr. Omer added Israel puts Sudan as the No. 2 country after Syria its security file.
About the normalization of relations between Sudan and the U.S., Dr. Omer said there is possibility of such normalization but the process should go smoothly without urgency.

By Al Samanni Awadallah, 26/08/2011