Ahmed Hassan Omer El-Haj
China and Africa Embrace a Brighter Future
Date: 07/11/2012

China has closed relations with Africa continent, these relations are old and deep-rooted in all fields, the two sides have mutual interests, so they were hard together in order to poise an embrace a brighter future for economic cooperation and trade.
There are the encouraging scenes unfolding as China fulfill its commitments on economic cooperation and trade announced at the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2009.
At the meeting, which was held amidst the rampaging financial crisis, the Chinese government announced eight new measures to advance its practiced cooperation with Africa, including development assistance, credit and financing, training and trade promotion.
This explains that the determination of China and Africa to whether the challenging times hand-in-hand steered by Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and stimulated by these promotion measures, the two sides have withstood the test of the financial crisis, As a result, the trade and economic cooperation has witnessed faster growth across wider areas in more diversified forms, bringing more tangible benefits to the Chinese and African people.
However, the Chinese-African Cooperation Forum which was established in 2012 in Beijing became an effective organ for the collective multiparty cooperation between China and Africa and it represents framework and important forum with regard to boosting political dialogue as well as realistic cooperation between China and Africa.
China will seriously implement the statement of the Chinese-African Cooperation Forum, Beijing, and cooperation of China and Africa in socio-economic development and Addis Ababa work plan-Chinese-African Cooperation as well as all the related measures.
China will also present new measures in the context of the forum to support the mutual political trust and the comprehensive realistic cooperation to complete the body of the forum and to find out the best means for boosting cooperation between the forum and the plan of the new partnership for Africa development.
The Chairman of the Chinese State Council, addressing the second African Ministerial Conference which was held in Addis Ababa in 2003 pointed out that China is the biggest developing country and Africa is the biggest developing continent, so the Chinese-African Cooperation is a basic part of the south-south cooperation, explaining that the unshakeable policy of the Chinese government is based on supporting solidarity and cooperation with African and other developing countries.
Generally Chinese is readiness to work with the African countries with aim of promoting and supporting the new type of partnership which characterized b the long-term stability, equality and joint interest to make this friendship as a model of the south-south cooperation.
China believe that the Chinese-African Cooperation should be incarnated in more works, contributions in socio-economic development for African countries, and their efforts towards more improvement of living conditions of their people.

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