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Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday 27th September, 2016

* Al Bashir: Sudan Is Heading towards New Stage.* Juba’s Ambassador Calls on Foreign Ministry to Protect Him.* Northern State...more


Stephen Hawking Is Still Afraid of Aliens

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking views a CGI alien civilization on the exoplanet Gliese 832c in this still from the new...more

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Pluto's 'Heart' Hints at Deep, Underground Ocean

A new simulation of how Pluto got its "heart" suggests that the dwarf planet most likely has a deep ocean...more


Markets Cheer Clinton in US President Debate

Financial markets cheered Hillary Clinton's performance in the first US presidential debate Tuesday, with stocks and high-risk currencies ...more

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Echo: Anti-corruption System

The government was in need to rein the corruption phenomenon which became a daily practice while the corrupt persons...more

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More than 1500 Confucius Institutes Celebrate World Day of the Institute

Confucius Institute (Sudan) has celebrated the World Day of the institute, in presence of Chinese Ambassador to Sudan, the...more

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Editorial:A Physical Walking Entity

Now, the President of the Republic declares publicly that the country has currently been passing through a new era...more